Shannon's Story

An entrepreneurial journey

I’m an entrepreneurial-minded marketer who offers a variety of support for growing businesses.  I’m passionate about helping others market their businesses so that they can earn a comfortable income doing what they love. As a seasoned networker, I also enjoy being able to make quality introductions for you to the right people. I have an impressive network of amazing connections and talented friends. I love connecting them! 

Growing businesses hire me for coaching and to implement marketing strategies

My Background

My background is in marketing and design from Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota.  I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve decided to freelance and help other business owners. I used to work for a well known Minnesota marketing agency, Media Relations Agency. I published a women’s business magazine before that for over six years. I founded and sold a successful women’s network, called Encourage Her Network. I’ve produced hundreds of live networking events in the Twin Cities that supported many great non profit organizations around the world. I’ve personally supported hundreds of small businesses with their marketing over the last decade. My network has grown stronger over the years. I’m working on projects tailored specifically to the needs of my clients from strategy and event planning to social media and building websites. Every project is different which keeps my work exciting! I can help you fill the gaps in your marketing strategy.

I offer strategy sessions with expert marketing advice if you want to do it yourself. My positive coaching style aids clients along in taking action on “business building” or “revenue generating” activities. We talk about making money, growing sales, innovative marketing strategies, creative business approaches, branding, and more.

“Think BIG. Dream BIGGER“

I’ve done a ton of personal development over the past decade. I strive to always be learning and growing, spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Staying up to date on industry trends fascinates me. I love investing in personal and professional growth but what’s even better is seeing other people in my life grow right along with me. I think success is sweeter when shared.

I’m the proud single mother of four children. My daughter Mariah is 18. My son Jayden is 17. Isabella is 10 and Abigail is 3. They’re my world and daily motivation. When I’m not spending time with my family, friends, or working on behalf of one of my clients, you can find me somewhere probably practicing yoga, reading a book, writing, daydreaming,  listening to music, creating something new, or at my desk plotting my next move or business venture. I love to travel and meet new people. I grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota so I represent for the land of 10,000 lakes.  I enjoy spending time at the lake and being with my family, friends, and my dog. I have a bluenose named King Miles. I love reading books by authors like Gabby Bernstein and John Maxwell. I know the power behind sharing my story. I thoroughly enjoy authentically sharing about my experiences in hopes of empowering others. I’m on a mission to make a positive impact doing what I love everyday. I’m not your typical marketing professional.


I enjoy using my God-given gifts to help businesses connect with more customers. Strengthsfinder categorized me as a “maximizer”. That means that I’m driven to help people and projects succeed. Hearing businesses’ stories excites me. I’ll listen to your needs and connect you to the right resources. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business!

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