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“Happy Clients, Happy Life!” is my motto.


I’m an entrepreneurial-minded marketing strategist who offers a variety of marketing support for growing businesses. Developing strategy and personal branding are my favorites. I enjoy showing my clients how to shift their mindset and have fun with their marketing. I create websites, write awesome content, manage email marketing campaigns and show my clients how to leverage the power of social media for their businesses. I can help you secure radio, TV, print and online media. I’m very resourceful. I enjoy being able to make quality introductions for my clients to the right people. I believe that networking is a healthy part of any marketing strategy! 

I partner with my clients to make their businesses an even bigger success together. Since there are a million and one ways to promote, my freelance work is in very high demand because I help people prioritize and save money.

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Online Presence

Your website is the foundation for your entire marketing strategy.


I can help you secure radio, TV, print and digital news coverage.

Social Media

Put yourself ahead of your competition and step your social media game up.


Get expert marketing advice in my strategy sessions!

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What’s a personal brand?

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Bringing the fun back into growing your business

Think about what's fun for you. Here's a cool trick that helps me when I'm feeling stressed. SHIFT: Start by acknowledging what you like doing and how you like to feel. Create a list of words that describes how you want to feel. Yes, I'm for real. Write...

The Importance of Email Marketing for Your Business

Is there any future in email marketing for small businesses? The simple answer is YES! There are many digital marketing tactics available for businesses nowadays. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your audience. In fact, the...