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My name is Shannon and I’m so grateful that YOU found my site. I’m an entrepreneurial-minded marketing strategist who offers a variety of marketing support. I’m also a sales and business coach for female entrepreneurs. I enjoy getting creative and developing marketing strategies, creating fresh new personal brands, and putting my two cents in whenever and where ever I can. I can show you how to shift your mindset to have more fun with your marketing. I create all types of websites, write content when needed, manage email marketing and social media marketing campaigns, and advise on marketing strategies and business growth opportunities. I love showing people how to leverage the power of the internet and social media. I can help you secure radio, TV, print and online media. I’m very resourceful, well connected, and happy to help you access the resources that you need. I enjoy being able to make quality introductions to the right people. I believe networking is a healthy part of any marketing strategy. Women’s empowerment is a real passion of mine as well. I founded a women’s network called Elevate Her Network for women to connect, collaborate, and grow together! Every entrepreneur needs a tribe of supportive people around them. 

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