Having a Website Improves Your Business’s Bottom Line.

In both the U.S. and Canada, 88.5% of people are internet users.  This shows that there are a whole lot of eyeballs that could be visiting and interacting with your business’s website – if you had one.

If you operate one of those small businesses that doesn’t have a website and that fact alone doesn’t persuade you to develop an online presence for your business, here are a few more reasons in my blog → Do you really need a website?

I have a sizzling hot special offer for you today! Act fast. My team and I have decided to keep working hard through the summer but we’re only going to offer a limited number of these digital marketing packages! 

People use the internet nowadays like they used to use the phonebook!

Get all the benefits of a professionally designed WordPress website for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else, and without any of the hassle! I’ve made it super easy for you to fast track your business success right now.

Take control of your online marketing today! In this digital marketing package, I’ll give you access to proven designs, website copy, automated email marketing, social media support and much, much more! Your website will be ready to convert online visitors into customers in less than 45 days.



You’re just days away from a beautiful new

WordPress mobile friendly website!

If you want a website that’s branded for your business and looks great on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, my team and I will design and build it for you! When you hire me, you’ll get real support including private coaching with myself, and much more!

Here’s What You Get!

A Personalized Website

As soon as you sign up below, you’ll get connected with myself or one of my team members. You’ll send us any images, logos, and branded content that you have. Our team will use it all to design a beautiful website tailored to your brand or business. We’ll ask that you show us a few sites that you like so we can get a feel for your style. We’ll listen to your story. We like to get to know you and your business before we begin. Your site will tell your business’s story. My team and I will offer you guidance throughout the entire process starting with picking out a URL to the final launching of your site. We can set you up with a matching email address as well. 

Ongoing Hosting & Support

Not only will we build your website for you, but we’ll also host it on our server for you. If you ever need help making changes, we’ll give you access to live support just a phone call away! If you have questions or concerns about anything related to your website at anytime, just give me a call directly.  Call (952) 652-7070.

Email Marketing 

You want to stay connected to the people who visit your website so that you can earn their trust and convert them into paying clients someday. That’s what email marketing is for! Your website can have email marketing integrated from day one so that you don’t miss out on keeping in touch with online visitors. We can work together to create an email series for you that nurtures and converts your website visitors too!

Landing / Capture Pages

Your landing page is your visitor’s first impression of your business. Start with your home page, every page on your site will be optimized to convert visitors into customers.

WordPress Blog

SEO or search engine optimization helps users find your website or blog in search engines. Your WordPress blog gives you a fantastic platform to communicate and educate your audience about your business and all that you have to offer. My team and I can help you develop a list of topics to blog about so that you can easily create SEO friendly content or hire us to write it for you.

Custom Reports & Tracking

Want to know who’s visiting your website? And what they’re doing on your website? Get access to your analytics to help you understand everything you need to know about your web visitors.

Sales Content

If you want to convert your visitors into customers, you’re going to need good content or sales copy! I’ll provide you with high converting sales copy for you to copy and paste easily onto your website. The content is developed from a marketing lens and will speak to your audience. I’ll incorporate keywords into your sales content for SEO purposes.

Customer Relationship Management

You will be provided with resources for CRM software which organizes your database of client/prospect information. Everything you need to know about your prospects and customers, products, and finances, in one place!

Social Media Marketing

I’ll connect your website to your social media channels. I start wherever you’re at with your social media marketing to help you build a simple plan that fits the needs of your business and helps you reach your goals quicker. If you’re looking for help with social media, read my Social Media Marketing blog! I‘ll even give your business some extra buzz on social media helping to spread the word further after your site launches! 

Payment Processing

My team and I will assist you in setting up your website to accept payment for your products and services. Turn your site into a money maker that works while you sleep!

Most responsive websites are being built in less 45 days. I’ll give you all the tools, resources, and support that you’ll need after your site launches to run a thriving business online that makes you money. 


This package would normally cost you well over $10,000 up front, along with some hefty monthly fees. Building a website isn’t easy– or cheap!

Sign up today and you can SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!! My team and I can build you a WordPress website with a matching email address that includes everything you need to enhance your digital marketing starting at only $2,500, plus no hefty monthly fee’s. Need a payment plan? No problem.

Let’s get started. Please fill out my contact form below.

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